Ford Service Credit Card

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A Ford Service credit card does exactly what the name suggests – it lets you pay for services for your Ford vehicle using a special credit card designed just for this purpose alone.

As one of the top auto brands in the world, Ford is always looking for ways to improve the experiences of their customers. The brand understands that maintaining and servicing your model in order to keep it at its optimal is not always a budget affair.

However, running your vehicle healthy and servicing it regularly is essential in order to increase its longevity and sustain overall performance. So, to make things easier for all Ford vehicle owners, the manufacturer has introduced the Ford Service Credit Card.

Put simply, the Ford Service Credit Card is a flexible financing option that allows Ford owners to pay for all their service maintenance and repairs, on top of tires and other parts that they purchase at Ford dealers across the country.

Here are the services that your Ford Service Credit Card covers:

  • Vehicle service and maintenance
  • Tires, parts, and accessories
  • Body shop repairs/deductions
  • Extended service plans
  • Loaner vehicles

What are the benefits of the Ford Service Credit Card?

Below, we outline the benefits that the Ford Service Credit Card offers:

Low Monthly Payments

With low monthly payments, the Ford Service credit card is easily affordable.

Extended Special Interest Financing Plans

This makes the service easily accessible by anyone so you can pay on flexible terms. You can rest assured that all your automotive needs will always be taken care of.

Timely Rebate Offers

Whether you are an older user or have just joined, enticing timely rebate offers await.

Accepted Nationwide at Participating Ford Dealers

A number of Ford dealers across the country accept Ford Service credit cards, so you are covered wherever you go. How can you apply for Ford Service Credit Card? Another great benefit is that the application process for the Ford Service Credit Card is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is click here and fill out the application form. Contact Parkway Ford for personalized assistance on how to procure a Ford Service Credit Card.

Source: Ford