Customers often ask us whether they should buy the 2020 Ford Ranger or lease it. While this decision is based upon numerous factors, including your own budget and regular expenditures, there are still some fundamentals you need to go over before making your choice. Here are a few things to consider before you finalize your acquisition of the new Ford Ranger.

Highly practical and convenient design

The new Ford Ranger comes with a convenient design that adds an extra dose of practicality. The drive on the road has...continue reading

Buying your first car requires some careful consideration. After all, if you plan to drive around in it in Gum Tree, Wallburg, or Union Cross, you certainly want to make sure youve made the right choice in your car. Parkway Ford has numerous models that you can choose from, but before you make your decision, here are some tips that can help you in buying your first vehicle. 

Set your budget on the basis of the downpayment amount as well as monthly installments youre looking to pay and dont budge from it...continue reading

Theres more to routine car maintenance than oil change deals, and you need to make sure youre getting routine checks done in order to continue driving your Ford vehicle safely. 

For Ford models, you can choose to have routine car maintenance with coverage plans for the 3000, 5000, 7500, as well as 10,000-mile intervals, with multi-point inspections being conducted for several parts of your Ford vehicle. 

In general, a multi-point inspection is carried out as part of routine car maintenance,...continue reading

Who doesnt want their car looking as good as new? With gleaming paint, shining wheels and interiors that smell fresh. However, vehicles do not stay sparkly forever. If you want your Ford to look new for the years to come, there are a few tips that can be helpful. Read on to find out.

  1. Watch Where You Park 
    If you want the exteriors of your Ford looking brand new, you need to be mindful about where you park. People often choose to park under a tree for the shade, but the downside, of course, is the bird droppings...continue reading

When you are buying any vehicle, its advisable to make sure it provides satisfactory fuel efficiency. After all, the goal of a personal means of transport is to make your daily commute cheaper.

It doesnt make any sense if you pick up a vehicle that requires frequent fuel stops. The 2020 Ford Fusion is an excellent choice when you desire a top-notch fuel economy and is available in three powertrain options a plug-in hybrid, gas, and hybrid.

Gas Engine 2020 Ford Fusion
If you opt for the gas engine, you get to choose...continue reading