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Receive Exceptional Ford Vehicle Service Today in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

As the harsh winds of Winter start to make their way to Winston-Salem, NC cities and towns all over the country are preparing with flu-shots, soup, and an extra blanket or two to bundle up in. At Parkway Ford our customers know that in addition to taking care of their families and loved ones, their new Ford in NC is also an imperative part of the family that needs some TLC during this impending Winter season. Parkway Ford currently...continue reading

 Car Maintanence

Show Your Ford Some Love This Month

Think youre done with the Valentine acts of love? Think again. In the spirit of St. Valentine himself, take the time to spoil your Ford this month. Why not treat your most trusted confidant to the spa day it deserves. We know it will have you feeling equally as refreshed.

Ferocious Winter Conditions can take a toll on everyones body. (Swimsuit season? Maybe later!) Your vehicle is no exception. Theres no better time to make amends with your vehicle for the...continue reading