Top Five Reasons for Regular Oil Change

Regularly getting an oil change when you go in for your car's maintenance is one of the easiest things you can do to increase your car's mileage. The oil in your engine has several important roles to play. However, the oil, if left unchanged, has reduced effectiveness. It becomes less viscous, and soon becomes sludge-like. The oil, mixed with other particles such as dust, dirt, and sometimes even small metal pieces, can cause abrasion within the engine, leading to expensive engine repairs.

The best way to ensure that your car continues to work in top condition is by taking a proactive role towards the overall maintenance of your car. One of the most important parts of this maintenance involves regular oil change and engine oil maintenance.

Why do you need to get an oil change for your car regularly?

Getting an oil change for your car is a necessary part of making sure that your car continues to work in optimum condition longer. Since different cars have different requirements such as oil levels, periods between oil changes, and others, you should ideally schedule your car change according to the specifications of your car. If you own a Ford, you should get a Ford oil change. 

Here are five reasons behind why you need to regularly get an oil change for your car:

1. Lubrication: The different components and parts of the engine need to be consistently lubricated. The engine oil acts as a layer between the different parts in the engine that reduce abrasion and ensure that all the parts continue to work efficiently.

2. Prevent Overheating: If the components in the car are not properly lubricated, you run the risk of overheating your car. This happens when sludgy oil can't prevent the friction between the different parts moving against each other. This leads to the generation of heat that can adversely affect your engine and car performance.

3. Gas Mileage: Infrequent oil change, which causes poor lubrication between engine components, can also increase your vehicle's fuel consumption. This means that after a point of time, you would have to spend more on buying gas for your vehicle in a year than you would have had to if you got your car's oil regularly changed.

4. Improve Engine Life: The dirt and sludge moving around in the engine can lead to corrosion, which will negatively impact the overall life of the engine. In order to prevent this from happening, you will need to schedule regular oil changes for your car.

5. Engine Oil Levels: The more you drive your car, the more will the engine oil slowly reduce. This happens very slowly, so most drivers don't instantly notice the difference. But when you go in for your regular oil change, you will also be able to check your engine oil levels and make sure that it is matching the standards that are needed for the car you are driving.

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Source: Ford