New Ford V8 Custom Crate Engines

Ford engines are popular for their horsepower, strength, and capacity. With the entry of crate engines, an average Ford owner now wants nothing less than this. That’s understandable. After all, who wouldn’t want more powerful drop-in engines? The new Ford V8 Custom Crate Engines are better than the factory original in terms of substantially more horsepower. 

Crate Engines

Crate engines are gaining popularity because of their high performance. They combine significantly more power, torque, and punch. Why should you buy crate engines? Many people ask that question. But no one who has used a crate engine will ever ask that question. Crate engine buyers experience far fewer problems in comparison to remanufactured engine buyers. The new crate engines are more reliable, no matter what you may need them for – stock or high application. They are certainly more reliable. You will have the satisfaction and peace of mind in the knowledge that there are no refurbished or used parts in it.

Although they are just like the original engines as they are based on these engines, they have different characteristics from the original engines they are based on.

Crate Engines and Repurposed Engines

You will want a crate engine, especially if you love purpose-built vehicles, whether that is an off-roader, dragster, or a hot rod or any other purpose vehicle. You have two choices if you want a purpose-built vehicle. You can either go for repurposed engines or crate engines. Repurposed engines can be found anywhere, including online and in junkyards. They are full of scrapped away motors waiting their turn to be built. However, it is best to have a background of the engine to be sure of its high performance. The other alternative of having a performance built engine that will start from a zero mile is a much better option.

If you are a Ford owner looking for a New Ford V8 Custom Crate Engine, our Parkway Ford dealership in Winston-Salem, NC, will ensure you get the best deal. We also serve customers from the neighboring cities of Gum Tree, Wallburg, and Union Cross.

Source: Ford