How Does the Ford College Student Purchase Program Work?

Are you a college student or a recent college graduate? Chances are, you might have your dream car in mind, but are struggling to save up to buy this car. You’re in luck. If your dream car is from a Ford make, you can now enjoy massive discounts on your new car purchase or lease. The only thing you need to do is prove your college student/college graduate status, and you’ll be eligible to enjoy this deal. Read on below to learn more about the advantages of this program.

How to Benefit from the Ford College Student Purchase Program?

You’ll need to use a Ford credit card to utilize the advantages of the Ford College Student Purchase Program. Once you have evidenced your eligibility to enjoy the perks of this program, you will be awarded a $500 cash bonus on your Ford credit card. You will also be extended additional benefits of using Ford credit to buy/lease your new Ford car.

Who Are Eligible Beneficiaries?

Ford has compiled a list of people who can avail the special offers that come with this program. The following people can utilize the Ford College Student Purchase Program –

Current college/trade school students

Current graduate students

Recent college graduate students

High school seniors and recently graduated high school students

College student interns, Trade school apprentices, and individuals in medical school residency programs

Required Procedure to Enjoy this Program

The Parkway Ford dealership in Winston-Salem, NC, offers the Ford College Student Purchase Program to eligible parties in the Gum Tree, Wallburg, and Union Cross area. All you would need to do is visit our dealership and provide us with a copy of your Proof of Education evidencing eligibility. We will ask you to fill in an application to register for the program, and you can drive away in your brand-new Ford vehicle soon after! So, if you haven’t signed up for a Ford credit card, do so today. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the benefits of the Ford College Student Purchase Program now, do you?

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