Buy vs. Lease: New Ford Ranger

Customers often ask us whether they should buy the 2020 Ford Ranger or lease it. While this decision is based upon numerous factors, including your own budget and regular expenditures, there are still some fundamentals you need to go over before making your choice. Here are a few things to consider before you finalize your acquisition of the new Ford Ranger.

Highly practical and convenient design

The new Ford Ranger comes with a convenient design that adds an extra dose of practicality. The drive on the road has been made comfortable with great parking features and an available Reverse Sensing System. Add to it a 4WD system that offers great off-road capability, and the new Ford Ranger proves quite versatile in its usage. 

Incredibly powerful engine

The new Ford Ranger is equipped with a 2.3L EcoBoost Engine with Auto Start-Stop technology. Coupled with the electronic 10-speed transmission with a Tow/Haul Mode and the SelectShift automatic transmission, the new Ford Ranger makes for a powerful pickup. It can offer an estimated mileage of 21 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway.

Strong towing capacity

With 7,500 lbs of towing capacity, the new Ford Ranger is incredibly capable and powerful. So if you are looking to use the pickup truck for heavy-duty work, it is highly recommended that you simply purchase it from the get-go. 

Leasing out a pickup truck and then using it for demanding tasks can incur extra charges when you finally have to return it. If you purchase the truck, your upfront cost will be high, but you’ll have more flexibility in using it.

Ford Credit Financing

Buying a car gives you the flexibility of customizing it as you wish. You also don’t have to worry about additional wear-and-tear and mileage restrictions. However, leasing a car has lower upfront payments, and you can try out new models every now and then. 

If you are still confused about whether to lease or buy the new Ford Ranger in Gum Tree, Wallburg, or Union Cross, you can try out the Ford Credit Financing system, which might help you make your choice. 

Source: Parkway Ford