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Vehicle Service in Winston-Salem at Parkway Ford

Speedy and reliable service is essential in maintaining the health of your vehicle which is the lifeblood of your everyday commute and your everyday travel companion. Here at Parkway Ford we strive to accommodate your vehicle’s every need with our service experts, who are always warm and welcoming.

What makes a vehicle healthy? Like most machines, your vehicle needs the smaller parts of the mechanism to be in pristine condition for the larger pieces of the machinery to work through the strenuous labor of everyday driving through the tight corners of the city streets or the rolling hills of the open road. Unfortunately, when one of these smaller mechanisms is left untreated or uncared for the chain reaction of decay and destruction is swift and unfortunately for you the driver, the end result will most likely be a costly repair. To avoid these costly repairs there are some simple troubleshooting procedures you can do to start on the right pathway to a health vehicle.

These standard procedures to ensure the overall health of your vehicle can include an oil change, tire rotation, fluid replenishment, and a vehicle health check-up. Thankfully, all of these services and more are available at Parkway Ford. What makes Parkway Ford’s level of care and involvement in you and your vehicle so spectacular is we have not one, but two ways for you to receive the ultimate Ford vehicle service in NC. The first way we provide excellent Ford service in NC is our easy-to-use web platform where you can swiftly order replacement parts from as large of an order as new brakes to the smallest of purchases like replacing an interior light in the front cabin. Whatever you or your vehicle needs to continue functioning at the highest caliber, we at Parkway Ford have you covered. In addition to our web platform we can also be found at our physical location, 2104 Peters Creek Pkwy Winston Salem, NC, 27127, whichever way is more convenient for you to ensure your vehicle is in immaculate condition At our physical location we provide astute and speedy service to utilize all of these components of parts and service to make sure your vehicle is tough and lively on the road for years to come.

The dealers at Parkway Ford have a wealth of knowledge about how to keep your new Ford like the Ford Explorer, Ford Taurus, and the Ford C-Max humming and moving like it did the day you drove it off the lot! From Greensboro, Burlington, Durham, Chapel Hill, and beyond our service experts are proud to serve you and your entire family! Always remember, for all of your vehicle service needs in Winston-Salem visit the specialists at Parkway Ford.

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