Introducing the 2019 Ford Escape

2019 Ford Escape

The new Ford Escape in Winston-Salem is HERE at Parkway Ford!

The 2019 Ford Escape in Winston-Salem is hot off assembly line and in the lot at Parkway Ford. Capable and secure are the first two buzz words that best encapsulate the new Ford Escape in Winston-Salem.

Capability is the first word that comes to mind when describing the 2019 Ford Escape. This new Ford in NC contains three engine choices ranging from the 2.5L 1-4 with intake variable cam design, the 1.5L turbocharged Ecoboost engine, or the 2.0L twin-scroll Ecoboost engine rated at 245 horsepower. Whichever engine you choose each one will provide an unparalleled ability to perform through the most challenging situations and always come out on top. That principal of assurance and peace of mind is a key factor that makes the 2019 Ford Escape a vehicle one that we at Parkway Ford are proud to offer to our loyal customers in Burlington, Durham, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, NC and beyond. In addition, the standard six-speed SelectShift transmission on the new Ford Escape is a double whammy, adding the convenience of an automatic but creates an aesthetic focused on speed that is geared for the zoomster in all of us.

For the technology enthusiast, the 2019 Ford Escape in Winston-Salem is the perfect package for you to open up this holiday season. One such package is the Ford Safe and Smart Package. This package boasts six safety and security features designed to keep the driver alert, the passengers secured, and the entire vehicle out out harm’s way. A package that is smart but also security focused is a package that is pivotal to check out when making your decision on what 2019 Ford Escape model is best for you. These features include, driver-activated front rain-sensing windshield wipers, auto high-beam headlamps, Blind Spot Information System with cross traffic alert, lane-keeping system, adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning with brake support and a panel roof which comes standard in the Ford Safe and Smart package. In addition to this available safety package the 2019 Ford Escape contains a host of standard features solely placed in the vehicle with your safety and security in mind. One example of one standard feature that seals on the deal on security is the rear view camera. The rear view camera automatically turns a visual image on the camera screen any time the Reverse gear is selected, always alerting to who or what is behind you when backing up your new Ford Escape The new Ford Escape is a master of anticipating the drivers next move and making sure you are safe and sound on the open roads in NC and in the city streets of Winston-Salem.

The security features on the 2019 Ford Escape make the vehicle a serious endeavor. However, the available convenience choices and amenities make the new Ford Escape a fun and exciting crossover to explore and discover. The available panoramic roof is a feature that allows natural light to shine on all of your passengers, letting the ride in the new Ford Escape seem extra luminous and positive for the entire gang. Next, the ergonomic steering wheel is designed for the driver to feel comfortable and secure behind the wheel and on the wheel. The curved inner edge of the steering wheel allows the driver to find the optimal grip that is both relaxed and secure. Finally, to place the bow on top, the steering wheel on the 2019 Ford Escape contains an available heating feature to warm up those hands during the dismal days of Winter adding a spot of warmth to your morning, afternoon or anytime you want to take your new Ford Escape in Winston-Salem for a spin.

Source: Ford