5 Ways to Improve Your Driving

Everyone wants to learn to drive as soon as possible. While knowing how to drive is important, you also need to constantly improve your driving skills. Good driving skills will keep you safe on the road and maintain your vehicle in good shape. Here are some ways you can improve your driving.

  1. Make sure you adjust your mirrors well.
    Knowing how to adjust your mirrors and use them well is vital. Do not set your side mirrors to offer an edge view of the car, your rear-view mirror already does that. You need to adjust your mirrors in such a way that the side mirrors just overlap the rear-view mirror. Doing so will reduce the number of blind spots you have while driving.

  2. Do not drive too close to vehicles in front of you.
    You need to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you as well as behind you. The norm is generally a distance of two cars’ length, but there is no hard and fast rule. Maintain a separation that does not cause you to brake or accelerate suddenly.

  3. Be mindful while driving.
    The importance of using appropriate signals while driving cannot be emphasized enough. Make it a habit to indicate when you are turning. Doing so can keep you as well as other drivers on the road safe. Also, be mindful of the beams you use while driving, as this can affect the visibility of other drivers on the road.

  4. Practice parking.
    A number of people are good drivers but do not excel at parking. If you are one of those people, you need to practice parking till you get it right. Also, be aware of parking lines when you park your vehicle and do not cause an inconvenience to other drivers. Following rules is a mark of a good driver.

  5. Take care of your car.
    While driving, you need to keep in mind the welfare of your vehicle. Do not apply brakes suddenly and do not jam on the pedal to speed up. Maintain a constant speed while driving. Erratic driving can cause an inconvenience on the road and can even lead to mishaps.

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Source: Ford