Ford Keyless Entry and Remote Start

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Ford's remote start and keyless entry system is an electronic lock through which you can enter your car without your keys. Gone are the days when you would have to fumble for your keys with your hands full of shopping bags. The sensors get to working when you are near your vehicle, activating it from a distance.

Keyless Entry

Ford's keyless entry allows you to enter your car without physically unlocking it, as long as you have your key fob with you. The fob senses your vehicle once it is within a 90 cm radius, enabling you to unlock it by pulling on its front handles. Once inside, you can start your engine by pressing the Start/Power button. Each fob is individually designed to be compatible with their models.

Remote Start

Ford's remote start system allows you to turn on the ignition from 300 feet away. You can enable the system through a button located on your key fob. If your car has automatic climate control, the remote start will adjust the temperature of the car according to your preferences. Even if it is a hot summer's day or a cold and rainy day, you will always have a comfortable ride with the remote start feature.

Security Measures

Ford has introduced new key fobs with an integrated 'sleep' mode to tackle the possibility of car thefts. If you have not moved your key for more than 40 seconds, it assumes the sleep mode.

All signals coming off the key fob are blocked, making your car safer and less susceptible to thievery with a relay box or other specialized equipment. Once you move your key fob, it will wake up again, becoming functioning as intended by the time you reach within two meters of your car.

Ford has always been leading the pack with path-breaking technological innovation, making it one of the top car manufacturers of the world. With the keyless entry and remote start features, Ford has once again proved that it would lead the market with its out-of-the-box thinking, even as other brands have just started looking into the practicality and security of their keyless cars.

Source: Ford