Tips to Keep Your Ford Looking Like New

Who doesn’t want their car looking as good as new? With gleaming paint, shining wheels and interiors that smell fresh. However, vehicles do not stay sparkly forever. If you want your Ford to look new for the years to come, there are a few tips that can be helpful. Read on to find out.

  1. Watch Where You Park 
    If you want the exteriors of your Ford looking brand new, you need to be mindful about where you park. People often choose to park under a tree for the shade, but the downside, of course, is the bird droppings you need to deal with later. Opt for an enclosed parking lot as much as possible.

  2. Get Rid Of Grime As Soon As Possible
    It is a good idea to get rid of grime and dirt from your Ford as soon as you notice it. Letting the dirt sit will only make it more difficult to remove later. Accumulated dirt can sometimes affect the pain work as well. So clean up as soon as possible.

  3. Regular Car Washes Are A Must
    To keep your Ford clean and gleaming, you need to wash it every now and then. Use a mild car soap or shampoo to wash the exteriors and use a soft microfibre cloth to wipe the body later. Try to avoid commercial washes as much as possible as the water and detergents they use might not be the best for the paint.

  4. Polish Your Car
    Polishing not only makes it look shiny, but it also protects the paint. Make sure you get a good quality polish so that your car does not get damaged. Use a soft cloth to apply the polish. You do not need to polish your vehicle every week or month. Once every six months is quite adequate to keep your model looking as good as new.

  5. Do Not Ignore The Interiors
    Make sure you brush the seats, clean the carpets and mats and vacuum every nook and corner of the cabin. Regular vacuum cleaning will avoid the build-up of dirt and dust inside.

To know more about caring for your Ford, talk to the experts at Parkway Ford today.

Source: Ford