Five Ways Parkway Ford Winston-Salem is Helping YOU Keep Your Ford Up & Running in North Carolina

Service Specials

Receive Exceptional Ford Vehicle Service Today in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

As the harsh winds of Winter start to make their way to Winston-Salem, NC cities and towns all over the country are preparing with flu-shots, soup, and an extra blanket or two to bundle up in. At Parkway Ford our customers know that in addition to taking care of their families and loved ones, their new Ford in NC is also an imperative part of the family that needs some TLC during this impending Winter season. Parkway Ford currently boasts five different maintenance specials for our loyal customers to be part of, ranging from special Battery offers to exclusive wiper blade services, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe in whatever conditions Old Man Winter throws your way.

You might think air-conditioning is only used for the summer months to cool yourself and your vehicle but here at Parkway Ford we know air-conditioning can also be an important mechanism for defogging your windshield in those icy winter mornings and for removing the humidity in the entirety of your vehicle keeping your Ford vehicle parts in tip top shape. Just print out your Ford Service air-conditioning coupon and head on over to Parkway Ford where you can expect great Ford service in NC.

Ford sedans, crossovers, and trucks are built tough. But what about Ford tires? Ford tires are built even tougher, ready to tackle snow, mud, and even those pesky potholes on Winston-Salem roads. At Parkway Ford in NC we are proud to offer the exclusive Low Price Tire Guarantee which affords our loyal customers 13 major tire brands to choose from, a 30-day price guarantee on your purchase, and the peace of mind these phenomenal tired will fit every make and model. This special is indicative of Parkway Ford’s undertaking to help you go further with new tires on your Ford vehicle.

A clean car is a happy car which means a better driving experience, so come on down to Parkway Ford for an auto-detailing special like no other! Places like the steering wheel, door handles, seat buckles, cup holders, just to name a few are all prime areas where filth and muck can cultivate over time leading to a range of consequences from foul odor to mechanical components corroding. Whether it has been two years or two months since your last auto-detailing, our service pros in Winston-Salem, NC will get right down to business and get your Ford vehicle looking brand new from the inside out.

Everyone knows the dreaded sound. You turn the key in your Ford vehicle and hear the click and sputter of a weakened or dead battery. Panic sets in as the unfolding day in Winston-Salem, NC now appears derailed and inconvenience laden. How could this scenario be avoided in the future? One tip we at Parkway Ford recommend is scrubbing your battery clamps with a cloth or towel and removing all grease and build up, which is a quick and easy way to guarantee a secure hold. In additional to personal driver upkeep Parkway Ford has a host of Ford battery experts that can inspect, diagnose, and treat your Ford battery challenges this Winter.

Wiper blades may seem like somewhat of an insignificant part of your Ford driving experience but these two rubber strips are imperative to your safety as a driver. At a minimum, wiper blades swiftly clear away rain, snow, fog, and many more elements that can cause an obstruction to your view while on the open road. We at Parkway Ford are currently offering a fantastic special on these essential visionary tools. When you bring in your Ford vehicle to our Parkway Ford Service Center we will install your wiper blades for free, ensuring the security and safety for all of our Ford vehicle customers in NC.

Source: Parkway Ford