Ford Pass Rewards Overview

The FordPass Rewards system allows you to benefit from a variety of Ford offerings and incentives and is offered for customer loyalty from Ford dealerships such as Parkway Ford, located in Winston-Salem, NC and offering services to the cities of Gum Tree, Wallburg, and Union Cross. 

With FordPass Rewards, you get to stock up on points that you can then redeem for various services such as maintenance or on buying/leasing a Ford vehicle at a participating dealership. What you’ll need to do to benefit from this:

  • Download app (FordPass App) that’s available for Android or iPhone 
  • Automatically become a FordPass Rewards member when you download the FordPass app 

The FordPass Rewards system works on all Ford models. 

How can you earn points?

Points can be earned in the FordPass Rewards system by:

  • The purchase/lease of a new Ford vehicle
  • FordPass Connect modem activation and maintenance in 60 days following purchase
  • Purchase of a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle 
  • Purchase of Motorcraft or Omnicraft parts or utilizing labor required for servicing 
  • Benefiting from the FordPass Rewards in 60 days following buying 
  • Using FordPass app or website to partake in activities and offers from Ford

Do the points expire?

Points balance expire if they’re not redeemed in 365 consecutive calendar days, so you better keep up with your tracking and spending to ensure you take advantage of the points collected. 

How many points can be earned? 

Ford puts no limit on the number of points that can be earned/redeemed. Through the FordPass Rewards system, you’re eligible to earn 10 points every time you spend $1 on the purchase of car parts/services at any participating dealership. 

When you buy/lease a new Ford vehicle and activate FordPass Connect, you earn 42,000 points through the FordPass Rewards system. When you buy/lease a Ford certified pre-owned vehicle, you can earn 22,000 points through the FordPass Rewards system if you download the app and become a member in 60 days. 

How can points be redeemed? 

You can use the points you’ve earned towards complimentary maintenance of your Ford vehicle on its first 3 visits for maintenance. With maintenance, you can redeem 11,000 points (gas) and 20,000 points (diesel) on the 7,500-mile service as well as 15,000-mile service of your Ford vehicle; and 20,000 points (gas) and 35,000 points (diesel) on the 22,500-mile service of your Ford vehicle. 

You can also stock up on points to benefit from discounts on services later or put the points to use when you’re thinking of buying/leasing a new Ford vehicle. Ford also offers several offers for those with FordPass Rewards and you can hear about Ford organized events first with the special privileges that FordPass Rewards allows. 

 Source: Ford