Take the 2021 Ford Ranger Off-Road!

The Ford Ranger set foot on American soil in 2019 and has since been going strong in the truck markets. Truck enthusiasts were excited that Ford released a new vehicle and many have welcomed it with open arms. It has been upgraded periodically and is one of the best mid-size pickup trucks available in the market today.

Available with two bed lengths, the Ranger is a great option for anyone looking to get a truck. It is available in both rear wheels and all-wheel-drive configuration and available in a single engine configuration. The 2.3-liter inline 4 is robust and does a great job of providing power when needed. Its 10-speed automatic transmission handles gear shifting duties and makes the truck a smooth ride. 

Off-Roading Prowess

With no Raptor variant in the pipeline, Ford gives us a taste of what the Raptor might be like. With the Tremor Package loaded, the 2021 Ford Ranger becomes an off-road behemoth that should be able to excite even hardcore off-roaders.

The Tremor Package gives you Raptor-like off-roading specs for a fraction of the price. With this loaded on the crew cab variant of the Ranger, one gets all-terrain tires, fixed metal steps, an electronic locking differential, and a retuned suspension. Tremor graphics and six auxiliary power switches are also a part of the deal in the package. If you still thirst for more, you can get a Ford Performance package which increases the horsepower of the engine and adds more off-roading goodies to the Ranger.

What is in the Tremor Package?

As mentioned above, the Tremor Package tunes the truck for better off-roading prowess and also changes some parts. With the package, your truck gets Fox dampers on all four corners and stronger upper and lower control arms. Add to that the 10 inches of ground clearance and you already have a more-than-capable machine. 

The leaf springs have been carried over from the normal truck and the 17-inch tires too. These General Grabber tires provide great traction but also at the same time are very quiet, too. 

Ride and Handling

When on rougher terrains, all these mods come in handy. The 10-inch ground clearance can clear most of the obstacles and no matter the terrain, the truck remains calm and composed. The rear locking differential comes in handy when going over slick or slippery surfaces and increases the traction by several times. 

Its Trail Control acts as an off-road version of cruise control and is great for anyone that is not used to the off-roads. The four drive modes make the car great for anyone that might be stuck in a situation not familiar to them. They alter the traction and can help you get out of a sticky situation easily. 

The 2021 Ford Ranger has amazing off-roading capabilities that can come in handy for both novices and experts alike. Test drive a 2021 Ford Ranger in NC at Parkway Ford and make up your mind about the truck. Our Winston-Salem dealership is located very close to the neighboring areas of Greensboro, High Point, and Summerfield.

Source: Ford