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The Mustang is an American Classic. Evidence for this is manifested in the new 2019 Ford Mustang. The latest Mustang is the muscle car that everybody wants and everybody needs. The vehicle comes in two trim levels and a few special editions. You have the base model and the GT. Special editions include the Bullitt and the Shelby Mustang. However, the trim levels don’t make much of difference. Irrespective of which trim you buy, they’re all essentially a Mustang on the road, where it matters. The vehicle dominates corners, and the throaty growl is music to the ears. The new Mustang is the closest you can get to an affordable performance, and when we say performance, we mean performance. The new Mustang boasts an active exhaust system and even comes with a powerful 1000-watt audio system.

All the power comes courtesy of a 310-horsepower inline-4 in the base model. Despite being a “meager” 4-cylinder, this thing can move mountains. The low-end torque ensures that you’re never left behind. You have two transmission options – the 6-speed manual for driving pleasure and a 10-speed automatic for fuel economy. The GT is the quintessential muscle car. You have a typical V8 under the hood that pushes out 460 horsepower. It’s sheer excitement and fun. Adaptive dampers ensure that the car steers well and hugs the road around corners.

The Mustang exists to perform. It has been designed to set your hair on fire. However, all that mad performance does not come at the cost of ride and handling. In fact, the 2019 iteration boasts vast improvements in the area of steering, braking, and suspension. Would you like to try out the 2019 Ford Mustang? Well, visit Parkway Ford of Winston Salem for a quick look and test drive. We are the best place to buy Ford in NC. We’re also the most trusted name in Ford service. So, stop wasting your time typing out “best Ford service near me” on Google, and simply drop into Parkway Ford for all your Ford servicing needs.

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